Violence In Everyday life against LGBTIQ in Algeria



This is the second report on the everyday violence faced by LGBTQI people in Algeria.

In our previous report, we aimed to show how statements made by public figures, combined with media frenzy, can lead to crimes against LGBTQI individuals. In fact, the hatred and rejection experienced by these individuals are the direct result of a whole system that does everything to reinforce and magnify violence against them.

The legal criminalization of homosexuality – through Art. 338 – arms this system with a powerful pretext to legitimize crimes against such individuals whose only crime is the fact that they do not conform to cis-heteronormative standards imposed upon them socially.

In this second report, we will address the consequences hate-speech manifestations. As we will see, these acts of violence take place in all environments and at all levels, whether in families, universities, work spaces, or prisons. These displays of hatred and viciousness remain collective, institutional, and, above all, destructive.

TransHomosDz and its partner, the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), decided to systematically document these cases of violence. Our strategy is to uncover these violations and end the complicit silence surrounding them. We believe that by highlighting these incidents, which are often hidden, we can end the isolation of the victims and help in the development of solutions.

These forms of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity leave our social fabric fragmented. They constitute a major obstacle to the consolidation of a healthy society, one that is ready to move forward. Therefore, it is our individual and collective responsibility to play our role in the fight against injustice.

You can find the report here: report