TenTen,Ten years of struggles



We are October 10, 2016 and we are begining to light our tenth candle this evening at 20:00. This is indeed ten years that Algerians LGBTQI activists from different cities of the country have decided as a single person, as one community to turn their first candle at 8 pm. It was the evening that our community chose to start the organized struggle. This day was called “Tenten” …

Since that day, hundreds of people took part in this struggle. Some, tired and worn have finally give up and took a different voice, other, sometimes forced, took the stranger’s way continuing or not to fight, the party who continue don’t stop to be joined by new activists, a small part is in turn more of this world.
Our tenth candle is an occasion to pay tribute to all those people who have each, without exception, helped push the single individual to the collective community. Whenever a person renounced our community to end its days is the sacrifices of these people that we must, each time someone from us was able to find a way to accept and love is perseverance of these people that we must, each time a person was able to find shelter following the violence of intolerance it is to these people that we must, each time a heterosexual person has broken the normativity that had been instilled in him a candle to light his October 10 is also the people we owe …

Despite the terrible violence that have been increasing over the years, our community has never stopped fighting. Whenever hated against our difference was manifested, our desires of dignity inevitably gave birth to more people who struggle over collective who organize and more organizations that defy this unspeakable injustice.

Today, we call for the umpteenth time, the activists, organizations and institutions who fight for human rights to open their hearts and minds and finally understand that the dignity and the right of our community are full part of the human rights that they wish to defend. We invite once and for all to stop thinking that human rights are divided beings and that they can continue to avoid seeing us forget that we exist. We simply invite you to light our candle as they  will realize then that is also theirs.

Today, our allies and ourselves once again will light our candle, filled more than ever the greatest of hope that a free and dignified life.

Today we will continue our struggle …